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Drug & Alcohol addiction!

Residential treatment

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Programs and Services

Detoxification Program

luxury drug alcohol addiction rehab treatment center

Addiction Prevention

drug addiction prevention treatment and training programs

Professionals Addiction

professionals and drug alcohol addiction center

Eating Disorders

eating disorders treatment
best drug addiction rehab retreat costa rica

Now for some weeks we have a special price of $6000 for 30 days

The location is ideal for taking the time to regroup, renew and rejuvenate. Take the time. Enjoy the landscape. Change your life. You deserve it! All of the rooms are individual, with full bathrooms, hot and cold water, Internet, TVs and DVDs.

New Life Bridge offers:

Your treatment plan is custom designed and tailored to meet your goals. We emphasize individualized attention and counseling. Components of your treatment program include relapse prevention, emotional concerns, anger management, goal setting, values clarification, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, stress management and more.

Recreation, fun, and participation  in healthy activities are also essential complements to our therapeutic philosophy. We are an excellent option for international alcohol and drug addiction recovery. We are located very close to the U.S. and Canada. You will find many airlines that serve Costa Rica year around. Additionally, we offer the advantage of being an affordable alcohol and drug treatment center with an excellent staff, surrounded by nature, tranquility and peace.

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When  you finish your addiction treatment, we offer you more for free:

After you complete a twelve weeks program you can continue at your home with Skype program for one more month with the psychologist free of charge. To make sure that the clients will continue as well as they leave. In general with one month of treatment the client is fine, but there are a few cases that take more time.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Costa Rica – Get well on Paradise…

New Life Bridge Costa Rica Alcohol, heroin and other’s drugs addiction rehab treatment center in Costa Rica.

We have addiction rehabilitation programs for Alcohol, heroin and other’s drugs at the recovery center. You will enjoy the highest quality facilities and therapy programs according to your specific addiction.

drug rehabilitation center in escazu costa rica



  • “I just returned from a great experience in Costa Rica that I want to share with others. Searching on the Internet I find a beautiful place, I arrived to Costa Rica, a staff member was waiting for me, and he took me to the place.  The excellent team makes it easier for the change of life that I need it. My experience was so pleasant and satisfying. No stress. All positive. The people who treated me were very kind, friendly and understanding and top notch professional. The location is a beautiful place up in the mountains, quiet and peaceful. A great place to recover. I highly recommend a visit to New Life Bridge for anyone who wants to change their life. All the best from Susan!

  • “When I got to New Life Bridge, what I realized very quickly was that I had arrived in a safe place to overcome my meth addiction and begin building the foundation for life in recovery. For the first time in years I formed bonds, opened my heart, got completely honest and felt empowered by the overwhelming love, support, guidance and knowledge I received in return from the staff. I came to understand that I was not alone and will never feel that way again. I wish people will have the same opportunity that was giving to me at New Life Bridge and wish them the best of luck with their future clients.” Lucas J.

  • “I was in very bad shape when I began my treatment, but the combination that they offer was excellent for me, privacy, individual treatment, a place great for relaxing a caring team I strongly recommend their program for other women.” Mary , Idaho

  • “I have been a client here for the past 2.5 months and have also attended four other treatment centers in the past 15 years. This by far has been the most helpful. New Life Bridge uses a holistic approach. Without a doubt. This is the best residential treatment facility that i have ever been involved with. I would recommend New Life Bridge to anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction! For the first time, I am happy and have hope! Your friend, Debbie B. “ Debbie B